Amman Marriott

The Marriott wasn’t my first choice, perhaps not even my second, but they came through with a world class experience. The more I travel, the more I attempt to stray away from hotel chains and choose Homestays or Airbnb type properties. This Marriott was equipped with three full restaurants and a piano lounge; all great options honestly. I spent quite a few meals lounging around in my pajamas enjoying room service (I often slip in and out of being an adventurous globetrotter). If you are looking for desire an authentic option, walk a few blocks to Ajuad Restaurant. For a low price of $12, Ajuad provided me large portions of chicken kabobs, rice with lamb, pita bread, and hummus.

     Located inside the hotel You can find the Oasis Health Club, located inside the hotel. When abroad, I try to squeeze in at least a couple of gym days. At this particular one, I found the equipment to be top of the line and the area wasvery tidy. If you know anything about hotel gyms, you know your options are normally limited to a weight bench, elliptical, treadmill, and stationary bike. However, this is not the case for Oasis. The array of machines available at Oasisthis club should be the standard for all hotels and even some smaller health clubs. I enjoyed my gym experience so much I decided to entrust the staff in providing me a facial and massage. I was able to relax while mud from the Dead Sea along with other elements were used to cleanse and moisturize my face leaving a glowing look. For my massage,volcanic stones were warmed and glided over my skin in an attempt to soothe aching muscles as well as induce deep relaxation. I honestly cannot say enough about this Marriott and the Oasis.

On our last morning we checked out extremely early and had the hotel store our bags as we spent the day traveling to, trekking through, and traveling from Petra. We came back hungry and eager to bathe before preparing to head to the airport. The Hotel staff and Oasis were very accommodating in allowing us to shower as well as take advance advantage of other amenities like the steam room and sauna. Amman Marriott was choosen for me, however my experience would not have been as relaxing and refreshing if I had stayed elsewhere. Whether in town for business or pleasure; four days or fourteen entrust your stay to Amman Marriott.