Seventh Wonder

I do not recall when I created the goal, or even what made me want to achieve it, butsomewhere along the way I decided to tackle the New Seven Wonders of the World. For those who are not familiar, on July 7, 2007, the results of a popularity poll announced the New Wondersas the following: :

Christ The Redeemer
Chichen Itza
The Great Wall of China
The Roman Colosseum
Machu Picchu
The Taj Mahal

In a strange coincidence the above order is actually the exact order I was able to checkthese monuments off my travel wish list. Most recently, I was able to conquered Petra. I made my way to the famous archaeological site in Jordan’s southwestern desert with a vision of seeing Ad Deir, the monastery with my eyes. Overall, it was a very unique experience. I set out on a flat path for about thirty-five minutes along the Bab As-Siq until we reached the Siq. The Siq is a gorge that was formed when the mountain was broken into two pieces literally thousands of years ago. This path is filled with rock walls that tower over you. Around every corner, I became more and more anxious with anticipation to stand at the foot of Ad Deir. Once you arrive you are in tourist mania. I am a stickler about taking the perfectpicture, so I paid a young tour guide to take me to a cliff where I would have views from above the monastery. This hike included jumping over small gorges and climbing rocks as we shifted our walk traveled further upward. I was a bit over dressed, but once I caught a glimpse from above, it was worth the 20 minute extended journey.

I believe if your heart is in traveling exists in your heart, and you want to explore different aspects of different cultures, the best place to start is The New Seven Wonders of the World are the best place to begin. Just pick a country, pick a wonder, and simply get started. I enjoyed exploring all seven, but the views of Petra are something I pray never leaves my memory. Petra served as was the capital city of the Nabataeans from around 300 BC to 100 AD. Around 100 AD, an earthquake destroyed the grounds and it was quickly abandoned. Who would have thought all these years later, it would stand as a travelers dream destination?