Tag: 7 Wonders of The World

  • The Great Wall 

    The Great Wall 

    I generally enjoyed climbing a portion of the Great Wall. In my opinion, if you’re in the area it is something you can’t afford to miss. For the women, I would make the suggestion of dressing like you’re going for a walk or hike and definitely pack water. I saw women on the Great Wall […]

  • Chichén Itzá 

    Chichén Itzá 

    The Mayan Ruins are breathtaking and full of culture. Once you’re on the ancient grounds you begin to understand how the Chichén Itzá landed itself on the 2007 New Wonders of the World list. Due to the age of the ruins, visitors are no longer able to walk on the temples and pyramids but for […]

  • Christ of the Redeemer 

    Christ of the Redeemer 

    The Christ of the Redeemer doesn’t disappoint. If standing in front of the 125 feet figure with your arms spread wide imitating the figure of Jesus isn’t breathtaking enough, this statue is perched on the top of Corcovado Mountain. So regardless of where I traveled in Rio, I was able to look up and see […]