Month: March 2018

  • “Enjoy The Sky”

    “Enjoy The Sky”

    I always attempt to fly out of my comfort zone and entrust my flight experience to the local carrier. Who better to prepare me for the Egyptian culture than Egypt Air, or so I thought. So, I arrive at John F Kennedy three hours in advance just as I was prompted. I had done my […]

  • Le Meridien Cairo Airport

    Le Meridien Cairo Airport

    If convenience is something you value while booking a hotel reservation, you will not find anything in Egypt more convenient than Le Meridien Cairo Airport. You literally walk through immigration, down the escalator to baggage claim, through customs and up a ramp that leads to a skybridge. That skybridge brings you to an elevator that drops […]

  • Peponi- My Kigali home

    Peponi- My Kigali home

    I have been truly fortunate to have had really great experiences with Airbnb, and my time with Vysakh was no different. My room at Peponi consisted of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen. The inclusion of breakfast served as the cherry on top. This Kigali stay was suppose to be my escape from […]

  • Cooking With Paon

    Cooking With Paon

    My mother was a home economics teacher by trade. I love to cook because it provides so many memories of me sharing the kitchen with my mother while she walked this earth. Camila, a yogi from Rio de Janeiro, recommended Paon who was highly ranked on TripAdvisor. That recommendation did not disappoint. The experience started […]