Antony Gitau- My Return To Nairobi

 I have said it once and I will say it again, I could not love him more if I gave birth to him myself. There is truly something special about my 14-year-old. I cannot quite put my finger on it but for whatever reason, he was brought into my life and he has been an extreme blessing since February 16, 2015. From his smile, energy, charisma, and charming sense of humor I simply cannot get enough.

This last visit was no different than the first, it was like I being reunited with my best friend. We were inseparable! Because I visited in the middle of the month I missed the opportunity to wish the former 8th graders well as they traveled from their respective boarding schools to secondary school. I was disappointed with my misfortune, but I realized I was actually right on time. I was able to be there for Antony during his time of need.
I often tell my story of how I lost my mother in May of 2014 after her nine-year battle with bilateral breast cancer. When I talked to Antony over the holidays I was informed his mother had fallen ill, but it wasn’t until I arrived that I received the full story from his sister Ruth Jeri. The children’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which normally keeps her in the hospital for treatments. Antony’s new life normally brings him to tears, which brings me to tears. My visit wasn’t as long as my first, but it was long enough to love on him, pray with him, and be a shoulder for him to lean on in his time of need. As I departed back for the United States I just let his mother, his siblings, and he will be lifted up in prayer. I love him as if he were my own and I never want to see him hurting.






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