Blue Lagoon

Have you heard of the man-made geothermal spa where the hot springs not only meet but also blend with the Atlantic Ocean? You know where the weather is normally 0-20 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re expected to strip down to your bathing suit. No reason to fret, however. The lagoon temperature averages 99-102 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’re in the lagoon you’re walking on craters and surrounded by breathtaking lava fields.

There are designated areas in the lagoon that have silica mud in buckets from the bottom of the spa, which helps exfoliate the skin. The water is rich in minerals like silica and sulfur. As if this oasis isn’t decked out enough they have a plethora of restaurants, a sauna, a steam room, and a secluded in-water spa area.\

I treated myself to an in-water massage and scrub. Not only was it an once in a decade experience, but it left me with a sense of tranquility. Stepping away from the spa I felt nourished, cleansed and rejuvenated just as I was promised. Blue Lagoon is not just an attraction but a retreat for relaxation. If you’re traveling through Reykjavík you should take the 50-minute drive to Grindavík where this little piece of heaven on earth resides.





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