Botero Museum

Fernando Botero is a painter and sculptor from Medellin, Colombia. In the year 2000, he donated 123 of his own pieces and 85 pieces of art from his personal collection. The 208 piece collection was placed in a mansion in the La Candelaria neighborhood in Bogota. Over the years, I have fallen in love with modern art. Sculptures created with “out of the ordinary” materials and paintings that can be depicted as three or four different images, depending on your outlook.

I visited The Bogotá Museum of Modern Art and was displeased, but found Botero to be much more enjoyable and creative. Bogotá Museum of Modern Art lacked depth and dimension. However, when I arrived at Botero, I viewed room after room of images that depicted individuals, who would be considered obese by BMI standards. Images of daily activities and family portraits are aligned along the walls.  You also have paintings of plus size women and couples dancing. You have recreations of the Mona Lisa and different moments in time, such as Adam and Eve. I saw gorgeous depictions of naked bodies preparing to take a bath, embracing a spouse and standing gracefully.  Another side of the collection is his sculptures made of bronze. These sculptures depict more plus size individuals in the nude.
The museum displayed masterpiece after masterpiece of sensual behavior portrayed in a playful manner. I find that Botero’s appreciation for larger individuals expresses to the world how beautiful people are with defined features and meat on their bones. He solidifies that weight does not determine one’s beauty. Botero also has images of bloated animals in his collection. His complete collection is not exclusive to Columbia as he has had featured exhibits and sculptures around the world, in such places as Singapore, Dubai, London, Spain, Germany and New York. I pray that wherever your travels lead you, one day you will stumble upon Fernando Botero’s work.





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