Cooking With Paon

My mother was a home economics teacher by trade. I love to cook because it provides so many memories of me sharing the kitchen with my mother while she walked this earth. Camila, a yogi from Rio de Janeiro, recommended Paon who was highly ranked on TripAdvisor. That recommendation did not disappoint. The experience started off with a tour of the local food market then a formal introduction to Poan and her beautiful home. She provided us with a tour of her family temple and greeted us with beverages. Poan then introduced us to our teachers who would guide us through eight recipes:

  1. Clear mushroom & vegetable soup
  2. Chicken in coconut curry
  3. Minced chicken gilled on bamboo sticks
  4. Vegetables in peanut sauce
  5. Coconut and snake bean salad
  6. Steamed fish in banana leaves
  7. Deep fried tempe in sweet soy sauce
  8. Boiled banana in palm sugar syrup

I have been taking cooking classes all over the world while on my travels and have never experienced anything like what Poan offers. The staff was very friendly and made every recipe very simply to understand. At the end of the experience they even gave us hard copies of the recipes to take home. Poan and her staff were highly professional and provided a world class experience. If you are in Bali I would highly recommend you reach out to Poan to experience her cooking course.

Cooking With Paon






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