Cruise like a Norwegian

I’m a DISNEY girl! I grew up going once a year, and even as an adult I often sometimes spend my holidays at Walt Disney World. So to say the least, I was nervous entrusting my cruise experience to Norwegian. However, that decision is truly one that I do not regret; from the endless complementary restaurant options and food selection, to the endless activities. Whether you are looking to spend time rock climbing, cruising down the water slides, relaxing in the spa, or in the casino trying to double your money, Norwegian offered all that and more. I enjoyed line dancing on the top deck, the all white family dance party, and multiple nights of karaoke.

My experience came with a complimentary drink package, which I would recommend to anyone cruising. The package covered unlimited soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. As long as every individual item was under $11, it was taken care of under the package. This package was provided complimentary from the cruise line and was definitely appreciated. To any first time cruiser or person who is traveling to truly relax, I would recommend the cruise excursions. Norwegian provided multiple options with various cost options, itineraries, time frames, and even an activity level. I loved the fact that the cruise staff was international. The international staff provided me with the opportunity to meet people both from places I’ve traveled, and places I desire to go.

The only negative feedback I would provide is that the plan stated both on the ship and onboard the mobile application that if you keep a credit card on file they will hold a deposit and the account will be settled the day before you depart the ship. Norwegian held $300 and I watched that amount fluctuate both up and down all week as I purchased more items on board. One day they held $300, the next they released $150, then the next day they would hold $75. I had to check my account every day. The customer service team informed me that they were holding the amount spent, which would make sense if the amount they were taking equaled the amount I was spending. My overall message is cruise Norwegian, however, my next excursion I’ll be putting down a cash deposit, which means I can enjoy my travels without thinking about money and truly have my account settled the night before.






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