Fattoria il Poggio

I’m not much of a wine drinker, however, I do have an international wine collection. So I was ecstatic to taste and indulge in some of the cuisine and wines of Tuscany and Fattoria il Poggio. Fattoria il Poggio didn’t offer a normal take on wine tasting, in the best way. They explained their wine making process and what makes their crop different. They described and provided our table with two bottles of white wine and two bottles of red. With no barrel or bucket to spit, they simply gave us four bottles and one glass to enjoy. We then were provided with a plate of homemade pasta and marinara sauce that was extremely flavorful. After that course, we were provided with platters of cold cuts, two types of homemade bread, straight out of the oven, and dried tomatoes and olives. Like any traditional Italian meal, the food just kept coming. The third course was a dessert biscuit served with the vineyard’s specialty dessert wine. After lunch, we took a short guided walking tour of the vineyard, along with enough time to browse around the property. I’ve been wine tasting numerous times, but Fattoria il Poggio provided an unforgettable experience. If you are riding around the countryside of Tuscany, I recommend you swing by for lunch and experience their take on Italian wine.






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