“I Fly Thai” & “The Pride of Africa”

I’ve become familiar with a couple of domestic and international airlines based out of Thailand and Africa, due to my cultural exploration. You see, when I was in Nairobi, I decided to travel to Zanzibar and flew on Kenya Airways and when I was in Bangkok I decided to treat myself to a mini vacation in Phuket, so I entrusted my flight to Thai airways. Both airlines exemplified service and provided me with great comfort. I find comfort to be key when flying short distances. Personally, when I’m flying less than four hours, I will sleep the entire ride, so the media or food provided isn’t important to me. In these scenarios, my flights were no longer than an hour so I was glad just to be provided with a blanket and extra pillow. I would like to mention that the planes did have television monitors and did provide a meal as well as drinks even though I slept through those options.





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