“Keep Climbing”

I often use Delta for domestic travels. So I figured it would be a no-brainer that when I started traveling internationally I should stick to a company I trusted, while at the same time, continue building SkyMiles. I flew Delta to Sydney, Rio, as well as, Beijing, and truly believe it is a quality airline. I would, however, advise patrons to look up the aircraft number, if amenities matter to you. I flew 10 hours to Rio without a TV, and because I wasn’t prepared, I found it to be an inconvenience. Moving forward, I am always prepared with a few movies on my iPad, just in case. In addition, I check the website to see if the plane is equipped with wall sockets, just so I can fully be prepared.

The only other advice I would offer from my Delta experiences is to be mindful when you book directly from their website to make sure you are booking a Delta flight. Last year I booked an inexpensive flight to Acapulco. I must have rushed through the site because I was amazed that the ticket was a few hundred dollars cheaper than the rest. So I wasted no time booking. I received a receipt and confirmation for Delta. However, a few months later, when I went to check in early for my flight online, it said the feature was unavailable. When I got to the Delta counter at the airport they said the flight was being operated by  Aeromexico and I had to check in with them. That counter was located a few terminals away and because my ride had already left I had to take advantage of John F. Kennedy International Airport’s tram up two terminals to check in. Overall it was a huge Inconvenience.

Despite that occurrence, I would recommend Delta when flying internationally or domestically.  I would just keep in mind that if you book other airlines through Delta you may want to learn from my experience and call Delta’s customer service before your flight to ask who you should check in with. Once I bought a KLM ticket through Delta and again was unsure where to check in. I only realized I was supposed to check in with KLM because after multiple rides past all the terminals there was no Delta gate in the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.





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