LATAM y tú. Juntos, más lejos.

I had a pretty basic experience. I do not have any complaints, however, it also was not an experience I would phone home about either. The movie selection on my 7-hour flight was not extensive and neither was the food or drink selections. If my memory serves me correct, as it normally does, the only nonalcoholic beverage options were tea, coffee, water, orange juice, apple juice, coke and diet coke.  It may seem as if I am nitpicking, but this is actually what you would consider slim pickings on an airplane. I did, however, have a tasty dinner meal on my outbound flight that consisted of the South American take on BBQ chicken with white rice.

The majority of the crew and staff were extremely helpful and kind hearted. However, there is always one. DIANA! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how I asked for her assistance and she declined my requests before even taking the opportunity to see if it was a reasonable one. I booked my ticket with a family member, yet we sitting separately. So I approached the counter to ask if there was something that could be done. I was aggressively told no. So I informed Diana that this didn’t seem to be the, “Together, Further, LATAM way!” How could she possibly know what seats were available without checking her computer? So she changed her attitude and also my seat, sitting me next to my family member. I provided her with my gratitude and the moment had ended.  But my frustration carried over to the plan when I saw quite a few open seats. This flight was a redeye so perhaps it was a long day for her, just as it was everyone else board.

Anyway, the joint venture between LAN and TAM isn’t a bad choice so don’t get me wrong. I had just beenin a car accident the first of June. I was on a seven-hour flight and five days later got on another one to return home. I still suffer from a sprained wrist, and muscle spasms in my back as well as my neck. So at this point, I’m not sure if any airline would have received a raving review from me.






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