Maasai Maya Reserve

In Africa, they have the Big Five. The big five consists of the lion, elephant, water buffalo, leopard, and white/black rhinoceros. There are only a few countries in Africa that you can catch a view of all five and when you do it is considered an accomplishment. My visit to Maasai Maya Reserve was my second safari experience and I had high expectations because on my previous safari in South Africa I didn’t see any big cats. Traveling along the Maasai Maya Reserve trails, I was able to view close up the big five in their natural habitat as well as zebras, giraffes, gazelles, warthogs, hippos and many other animals. I visited the reserve for three days and by the second day, I had seen all the animals. The third day was simply a bonus. If you’re in the Kenya area I would recommend visiting the Maasai Maya Reserve.







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