Northern Lights

I can admit, I wasn’t completely prepared for my excursion to Reykjavik. I’ve seen dozens of images of the northern lights. I knew it was a site I needed to see with my own eyes and capture with my own lens. Without any prior research, I simply assumed that you go to a certain area at a certain time of day and they would appear. This was completely FALSE.

The first night, we didn’t attempt to go out because there was poor visibility. However, on the second night, we took our chances. My tour group spent four hours stopping at location after location, landmark after landmark. We stood outside in 20°-30° weather simply staring at the sky into the darkness. Once the clock struck midnight we decided to throw in the towel. But on the third night, after days of feeling like a “storm chaser”, I was finally able to witness the gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere collide with the charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere, which forms the NORTHERN LIGHTS.

What a beautiful sight. A simply indescribable sight that takes technique and specific settings to truly capture on film. My camera didn’t live up to the hype but a tour associate and photographer from New Jersey named, David,  was kind enough to share his images. The images were truly appreciated, but I do not think I will ever be able to erase the memory of when I laid my eyes on the Aurora Borealis.





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