Reykjavik Lights Hotel

If you can imagine spending a night in the best Ikea you can imagine an experience at the Reykjavik Lights Hotel. This centrally located hotel is modern and unique in the best ways. Everything from the continental breakfast area to the setup of the guest rooms are strategically arranged with comfort in mind. I think I took a picture of every nook and cranny because I was fascinated with the internal structure and decor. One would think that with the attention to details there would be a lack of comfort but not in the least. From the Icelandic spring water, you can drink out the faucet to the cozy sitting area in the main lobby that provided me with the opportunity to meet other tourists my contentment was paramount. The Reykjavik Lights Hotel is centrally located in the Capitol and the hotel’s location means a car isn’t needed to truly enjoy your stay. If you walk out the front door a few steps to your right you have a bank and a few steps to your left you have a choice of five restaurants. Directly across the street, you have an ice skating rink and a hot spring pool. If you’re willing to take a five-mile walk or jump on a bus you will end up directly downtown where along your journey you will find a plethora of souvenir shops, clothing stores, restaurants and coffee shops. All and all my experience wouldn’t have been the same without my five-night stay at Reykjavik Lights.





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