Sheikh Zayed Mosque

As a Christian, I went to the Mosque not looking at it as a spiritual place of worship but wanted to see the architecture. However, because I respect every culture and religion you have to dress the part. For women, this means not wearing shorts, pants, or a short skirt. For men, this means no sleeveless shirts or shorts. If you are not dressed appropriately you can hand in a form of ID and in return they will give you an Abaya to put over your clothes. The structure itself was gorgeous and contained the most beautiful architecture. There are gorgeous layers to this mosque. For example, there are white pillars with gold trim that are surrounded by a body of water that is outside the entrance gate. Once you remove your shoes and enter the main building the chandeliers truly appeared to be one of a kind. They appeared to glisten in every color and to me, it looked like a museum filled with so much peace and culture. There were tour guides available to further explain this Muslim place of worship in Abu Dhabi and describe how it became a tourist attraction.






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