Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge

My experience in Belize was far better than I could have ever expected and I owe that to Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge. I went to Belize to live out my personal definition of a vacation, which is making time for nothing except R & R (Rest and Relaxation). The way I visualized my trip I would be spending the majority of my time reading, writing and taking naps from a hammock that over looked the mountain.
I had great intentions on working out everyday, yet upon arriving I found out that there was no gym. However, there I was at the foot of a mountain with hiking and biking trails. Who needed an actual gym? I spent very little time actually relaxing. Most of my time was spent cycling around the property, hiking trails that surrounded the property, swimming through caves (See ATM blog) and jumping the border to Guatemala. The Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge is located at the foot of the Sibun Forest Reserve. Three hundred fifty feet above the lodge is a beautiful gazebo that looks out to the open road and is a great lookout for bird watching.
I owe my utter enjoyment to Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge and that darn daily agenda board of potential excursions listed in the front lobby. It drew me in at first glance (corny I know #LaughOutLoud). All and all I was set up for success to redefine my R & R definition. Now that I am getting back in shape all that activity was not what I was expecting but certainly what I needed. The staff was extremely friendly. I felt like they were invested in making sure I received a well rounded experience. There was one restaurant on the premises and the food didn’t disappoint. There were a plethora of options even though it was a set menu. I wouldn’t change much about this lodge, but my recommendation for the restaurant is due to taxis not being allowed on the property. The lodge should offer all inclusive meal packages. If you are traveling to Belize and looking for a different experience then just laying in the sun, I recommend an unforgettable stay with Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge.






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