The Bourbon Tunnel

When I booked a walking tour of Naples and it included the secret tunnels, I had no idea of how much I would love the experience. If you are in Naples, The Bourbon Tunnel is a sight you cannot afford to miss. The tunnels date back to the World Wars and provide an understanding of how families lived underground during the bombings of the city. I love the arts and walking through the tunnels was like viewing a piece of history. Every writing on the wall tells a different individual’s experience; from the toys or pots left behind, to the cars and mopeds that Italians could not afford to bring back up to the surface of the city.

Our tour guide, Fabiana, provided an excellent guided tour filled with so much knowledge, laughter, and joy. She showed us first hand, the sleeping arrangements; grandparents, parents, and children all sharing one cloth on the tunnel ground. Fabiana shared a story about an artist who put together items and old car parts found around the tunnels to create pieces of art that resemble individuals with sad facial expressions. Most people found them unattractive, but the artist believed it reflected Italy’s current situation. My grandfather served in Naples in the second world war, so walking through the tunnels provided me with the ability to compare my experience to his, when he walked underground on occasion, decades ago. The secret tunnels are without a doubt Naples best kept hidden secret.






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