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LATAM y tú. Juntos, más lejos.

I had a pretty basic experience. I do not have any complaints, however, it also was not an experience I would phone home about either. The movie selection on my 7-hour flight was not extensive and neither was the food or drink selections. If my memory serves me correct, as it normally does, the only […]

Iceland Air

I have mixed reviews about IcelandAir because I honestly had two different experiences on the outbound and inbound flights. The outbound flight left around 9:00 PM. Once in the air, I discovered the tv monitor not only didn’t work but it projected a white screen which was extremely bright and made it difficult to sleep. […]

“Keep Climbing”

I often use Delta for domestic travels. So I figured it would be a no-brainer that when I started traveling internationally I should stick to a company I trusted, while at the same time, continue building SkyMiles. I flew Delta to Sydney, Rio, as well as, Beijing, and truly believe it is a quality airline. […]

“Hello Tomorrow”

Emirates offers worlds class service and their flight attendants possess a high quality of poise and grace. I have had the honor of flying with them to Dubai and Bangkok. I had quite a long list of food I could not eat as I am Christian and was fasting for the lenten season at the […]

“I Fly Thai” & “The Pride of Africa”

I’ve become familiar with a couple of domestic and international airlines based out of Thailand and Africa, due to my cultural exploration. You see, when I was in Nairobi, I decided to travel to Zanzibar and flew on Kenya Airways and when I was in Bangkok I decided to treat myself to a mini vacation […]