Iceland Air

I have mixed reviews about IcelandAir because I honestly had two different experiences on the outbound and inbound flights. The outbound flight left around 9:00 PM. Once in the air, I discovered the tv monitor not only didn’t work but it projected a white screen which was extremely bright and made it difficult to sleep. I asked a flight attendant to reset the monitor. Forty-five minutes later I pressed the call button to see if the task had been completed since no one checked on me and the issue had yet to be resolved. I was told verbatim that the issue could not be resolved and I should just place my blanket over my head. I let them know that this response was unacceptable and I would need to be relocated to a new seat. The issue I had is they gave me the option of five seats, so if there were so many open why wouldn’t that have been the first suggestion.  The inbound flight took off with no error. Your basic six-hour flight with free wi-fi and entertainment options. The flight came with complimentary beverages and food for a fee. All & all if IcelandAir is a must, just travel with an open mind and never be afraid to speak up or suggest things that will improve your experience.





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