“Hello Tomorrow”

Emirates offers worlds class service and their flight attendants possess a high quality of poise and grace. I have had the honor of flying with them to Dubai and Bangkok. I had quite a long list of food I could not eat as I am Christian and was fasting for the lenten season at the time. But because I was traveling on a middle east airline they were able to offer me lamb, which was marvelous since I couldn’t eat the chicken or beef options. They offered mid-flight personal cheese pizzas and came around often with fresh fruits; one of the best food services I ever experienced on a plane.

My flight to Bangkok had a tight layover. I literally had to run off the plane and head from one gate to the other. I was upset because I was hungry, tired from the previous 13-hour flight from John F. Kennedy, and had to use the restroom. Yet, there I was standing in line at the ticket counter with no time to grab food or head to the restroom because I was scared I would miss my flight. Unaware I was seconds away from the best news of the day if not my international travels!

“Ms. Williams, we have upgraded your ticket to first class”.

I simply couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. When I entered the plane and walked up the stairs, I was greeted and offered a drink before I even found my seat. Seats that fold down to beds, your own private mini bar, a foot rest that hosts a shoe compartment. Did I mention these things reside inside your own cocoon? The dinner menu was the size of a genuine restaurant. I decided on the curry shrimp for an appetizer, a garden salad with vinaigrette, and fillet mignon with roasted potatoes, as well as cooked carrots for my main meal. I’m not much of a dessert eater, but there was an open bar with a dessert set up in the rear of the plane. As a young traveler, I count my pennies to immerse myself in other cultures, but I look forward to the days when I can afford to make that experience my travel routine. I thank Emirates for a taste of the experience. My best time in the sky by far!






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