Anybody Up For A Free Room?

I’ve gained more points from my credit card then from hotel stays. Let me explain. My main credit card is a gold American Express which doesn’t have travel benefits. However, I gain points for gas, supermarkets, and other daily purchases. My advice to any traveler is to pick a hotel brand or two and try to stay loyal to them during your travels so you can gain points. I initially chose Sheraton after my wonderful stay in Rio. However, I say two because through my travels I’ve learned your first choice hotel may not be located where you wish to travel next. Personally, after I gain points on AMEX, I transfer them for Sheraton points. Those points plus my stay points have provided me with many free nights. I would check this process with other credit cards, I’m sure major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard also have point transfer features. Let me know how you enjoy your free night!






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