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  • Cousiño Macul

    Cousiño Macul

    Cousiño Macul is the only family owned winery in Chile that continues to be maintained by the family dating back to when they opened their doors in 1856. All the wines are grown, vinted, and bottled on the premises. During my tour of Cousiño Macul, I was allowed to bicycle through the 750 acres estate, […]

  • BA Airbnb Experiences

    BA Airbnb Experiences

    I booked my trip to Buenos Aires and Santiago a week before departing. I found reasonable airfare and Airbnb apartments in prime locations. I had no clue when I arrived how I would be spending my days, and I frankly was not in a rush to figure it out. I was simply glad to be […]

  • Surviving Cuba

    Surviving Cuba

    Before I boarded the plane to Havana, I was bombarded with a plethora of advice in many different forms. I received calls, texts, and even emails with different options of what to bring, how to pack, survival tips, you name it. So now that I received my Cuban stamp, I am ready to share mine. […]

  • My Travel Bucket List

    My Travel Bucket List

    If my memory serves me correctly, I believe I was 22 when I decided that my travel goal would be to travel to all seven continents before 25 and conquer the “2007 New 7 Wonders of the World” before 30. At that time the seven new wonders consisted of: Great Wall of China (China), Christ […]

  • What’s in my bag?

    What’s in my bag?

    I find it a blessing to have conquered six continents, and with my sights set on knocking out the seventh I normally always have a bag packed. I am frequently asked how I pack, when do I pack, and what do I pack. In this blog I will let you in on the items you […]

  • To buy or not to buy?

    To buy or not to buy?

    My experience with travel insurance has been far from a pleasant one. For years I  held the mindset that it was unnecessary to insure my travels within the United States but international trips cost far too much not to “protect.” I have mentioned in previous blogs that I lost my mom two years ago to […]

  • Advantages of Traveling Solo

    Advantages of Traveling Solo

    Looking back on my travels I’ve only traveled to a few places alone, but those few excursions have made an enormous impact on my views of traveling with others. You simply get adjusted to advising your own itinerary and moving to your own beat. I’m an early riser so I like to be productive early. […]

  • The Cheapest Airline Ticket 

    The Cheapest Airline Ticket 

    People often ask me how I buy my airline tickets. There are lots of articles out there about buying at a certain time of day or the week to grab the best deals. I personally tried the time and day thing and didn’t see a difference. Besides, international rates don’t increase like domestic flights as […]

  • Anybody Up For A Free Room?

    Anybody Up For A Free Room?

    I’ve gained more points from my credit card then from hotel stays. Let me explain. My main credit card is a gold American Express which doesn’t have travel benefits. However, I gain points for gas, supermarkets, and other daily purchases. My advice to any traveler is to pick a hotel brand or two and try […]