The Cheapest Airline Ticket 

People often ask me how I buy my airline tickets. There are lots of articles out there about buying at a certain time of day or the week to grab the best deals. I personally tried the time and day thing and didn’t see a difference. Besides, international rates don’t increase like domestic flights as the departure date approaches. They are pretty much standard. I’ve found the cost of flights only fluctuate because of the season. So what is my method? I clear my cookies and head to where I compare airlines and prices for a few days to understand the trend in pricing. It sounds like a science, but that’s how I treat it. Then when I find a price, arrival and departure time that I like, I double check the flight on the airline’s site. I do this to ensure I am getting the best possible price. This is the Travelauren method and in my opinion, it can’t get any more simplistic.






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