Machu Picchu

I have a huge chip on my shoulder after learning that the discovery of the Peruvian Historical Sanctuary is another false tale just as the story of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. Peru is known for its corn crops; they produce over fifty-five different types. Over a century ago the Peruvian Historical Sanctuary, we now know as the Machu Picchu is where the Richarta family and Alvarez family lived and maintained their corn crops. On July 24, 1911, a Yale professor by the name of Hiram Bingham, who was not in search of Peru or the ruins, stumbled upon them. Hiram Bingham, since then, has become a household name over the last century, as he is known for his “discovery” and for bringing the ruins to international attention. Meanwhile, many individuals across the world have never heard of the Richarta or the Alvarez family.
Despite the disappointment in this quick history lesson, this does not take away from the craftsmanship of the ancient ruins. The Machu Picchu is an experience that is not to be taken for granted. The beauty in the ruins starts as you arrive at the Ollantaytambo station and board the Inca Rail train. The 1 hour and 45-minute ride through the mountains sets the tone for the adventure you’re getting ready to embark on. Regardless if you decide to depart the rail and catch the bus to the entry gate or hike six miles upward, there are simply no wrong turns. Due to a recent car accident, I chose the bus option; however, I had no clue that I would spend the next three hours covering nearly five miles over ruin grounds. Every cliff and stone formation looks different, just as no two alpacas look the same. I simply had no regrets; despite 50-degree Fahrenheit weather and rain that seemed to pour harder the longer I walked. All I kept thinking was how I planned this trip a year in advance and the weather, literally, was not going to rain on my parade. Despite your circumstance, despite the weather, Machu Picchu leaves an image in your mind that will never be forgotten!






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