Monica Mugure – My Return to Nairobi

Oh, what a difference a year makes. I am pretty sure when I left Nairobi this past May, my girl Monica did not understand the role of a sponsor. She was just aware that I bought her things. However, this time was different. Every time I looked up she was looking for me. I made a list of the things she did or that we shared that warmed my heart:

  • Monica would be the first to tell me Good Morning daily =)
  • She enjoyed reading to me
  • She enjoyed when I sat in her classes
  • I helped her with her homework and she wouldn’t let me leave the table until I signed off in the homework journal under “Parent Signature”
  • She would attempt to share her dinner with my EVERY night.
  • She wanted me to lay with her until she dozed off at night (Normally I would doze off first lol)

Although Monica speaks English, she also speaks Mother Tongue, Swahili, so we have a huge language barrier. At the age of nine she is just really getting to know English and with my second excursion to East Africa behind me, I am just starting to learn Swahili. However, we do not let that get in the way of building our connection. In fact, we have made a promise to learn more of each other’s language until we meet again. I can’t wait to see her again on my next trip to Nairobi. It will be exciting to share what we’ve learned and to see how much she’s grown. Sponsoring my girl Monica is having an impact on both of our lives in many areas. Our bond is forever and true.






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