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  • “Enjoy The Sky”

    “Enjoy The Sky”

    I always attempt to fly out of my comfort zone and entrust my flight experience to the local carrier. Who better to prepare me for the Egyptian culture than Egypt Air, or so I thought. So, I arrive at John F Kennedy three hours in advance just as I was prompted. I had done my […]

  • Antony Gitau- My Return To Nairobi

    Antony Gitau- My Return To Nairobi

     I have said it once and I will say it again, I could not love him more if I gave birth to him myself. There is truly something special about my 14-year-old. I cannot quite put my finger on it but for whatever reason, he was brought into my life and he has been an […]

  • Monica Mugure – My Return to Nairobi

    Monica Mugure – My Return to Nairobi

    Oh, what a difference a year makes. I am pretty sure when I left Nairobi this past May, my girl Monica did not understand the role of a sponsor. She was just aware that I bought her things. However, this time was different. Every time I looked up she was looking for me. I made […]

  • Sponsorship


    It is an honor and a privilege to be a sponsor, to not only see the look on my children’s faces but every child’s face when I enter the African Hope Center. When I visited this January I was greeted with hugs and screams of surprise. Laughter filled the air as the caregivers yelled out, […]

  • Monica Mugure

    Monica Mugure

  • Antony Gitau

    Antony Gitau

  • Antony Gitau

    Antony Gitau

  • Monica Mugure

    Monica Mugure

  • A Letter To Monica

    A Letter To Monica

    I just simply want to thank you for allowing me to be your sponsor. You’re a beautiful little girl and I look forward to watching you grow and blossom into a beautiful young lady over the years. You have climbed into my heart and settled in a special place. You will remain in my prayers […]

  • A Letter To Antony

    A Letter To Antony

    I’m humbled to be your safe place Antony; your shoulder to cry on and someone you can laugh with. When I arrived in Kenya and met you I found family, an instant friendship, and instant love. I missed my little buddy. You are continually in my prayers as I ask God to protect you, guide […]