It is an honor and a privilege to be a sponsor, to not only see the look on my children’s faces but every child’s face when I enter the African Hope Center. When I visited this January I was greeted with hugs and screams of surprise. Laughter filled the air as the caregivers yelled out, “You have returned to our country, you have kept your promise”.

For God keeps all his promises and I am a child of the almighty God. Every day with every word I speak and every action I allow myself to make I try to be more like him.

I have had people in the last year inquire about how I choose to sponsor children, and my response is normally, “Why do you not?” To have breath within my lungs is a blessing. To wake up in my right mind is a blessing. My Heavenly Father is moving in my life and it is with great pleasure that I can lend a helping hand in a needed area. I strive to not only be a financial support system but a confidant and a friend. My children need to know my actions are not because of a phase I am going through but that they hold a special place in my heart. I look forward to visiting them and consistently pray for them as they finish primary school, secondary school, and college.

You often hear individuals say a “parent’s’ job is never done.” I plan to carry myself accordingly, Antony and Monica’s goals of becoming a pilot and an accountant our, in turn, my goals for them. I will do everything in my power to assist in those efforts until Antony Gitau is flying me across time zones and Monica Mugure is preparing my taxes. These children continue to touch lives, including mine, and I will forever be in their debt.







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